Power Girl Redesign

Remember when the New 52 launched and they redesigned most characters’ costumes? Power Girl had a makeover in promotion art for Worlds’ Finest:

and I think it’s fair to say the reaction to that was overwhelmingly negative, so much so that by the time #1 of Worlds’ Finest actually hit the stands, the redesign had received a redesign:

Neither look was brilliant and it wasn’t long before she was back in her classic costume, boob-window and all:

But think how much worse things could have been . . .

Back in 1997, in issue #2 of JLA, the back page had a handful of sketches and character designs and, tucked away among them was this little item (I’ve cropped and moved it for a better display):

think Power Girl is the one on the left, but even the editor wasn’t sure.

I don’t know about you, but I’d take either of the New 52 designs over the ones from 1997.

5 thoughts on “Power Girl Redesign

  1. Oh fuck those designs are UGLY, even for 1997! Who the fuck drew those!? Whoever he is, he was obviously a huge fan of the ugly Image comics art of the the early 90’s. Given that option, I guess I’d have to go for that horrible Phew52 PG redesign too….whilst trying to contain the ever-growing vomit threatening to spill forth from my lips.

    Speaking of horrible, have you seen the new FF “costumes” yet? Really bad. As bad as their red ones even. I could see them being used as flight jackets, but not official FF costumes.


    1. Yeah, they are really horrible, aren’t they? There’s nothing in there that says either Power Girl or Fire so it’s no wonder even the editor didn’t know which was which.


    1. Hmm, not sure I agree there – I’d take the old yellow and white one from her Justice League Europe days over either of the New 52 designs.

      As far as I know, both designs were by George Perez – I don’t think Jim Lee had a hand in those, though I may be wrong.


  2. Agreed. I mean arguably those two weren’t the best redesigns either, but compared to the Phew52 ones, they’re not bad for the time.
    God bless Wally Wood for original outfit because no one’s been able to beat it yet ( well they have to the outfit )


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