Batnew Batbatgirl Batcostume Batdesign!

Over at the Beat, there’s a picture of Batgirl’s new costume:

How many things in a costume can you make into bats, kids?

Okay, the symbol on the chest is a given – you can have that one.

It’s a utility belt! C’mon!

Because the chest symbol isn’t enough?

Sure, put one on her heel – everyone will be looking there.

Seriously? The sole of her boot has to have a goddam bat shaped tread?

Will someone please tell Sean Gordon Murphy that sometimes less is more?

4 thoughts on “Batnew Batbatgirl Batcostume Batdesign!

  1. Ha ha, point. I didn’t really care for the previous redesign, but I got they did that due to de-aging Babs for the kids, but this? A bit much Murph’, a bit much.

    Probably should’ve asked Rick Celis to do it instead:


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