Mash-Up #75

Three times a week I randomly generate two dates, hunt down covers from those dates and then mash them together and force the results on you lovely people, while giving a hat-tip to the wonderful Super-Team Family blog which has been doing this for years (and a lot better) on an almost daily basis.

Wanted to do something special for #75, and what better than having a full on love-in? Although Kyle’s the only one who looks pleased there . . .

4 thoughts on “Mash-Up #75

  1. I think Kyle has unrealistic expectations for how this is going to end for him, and that’s why he’s so happy.

    There’s a post somewhere in the first couple of months of my blog asking whether people thought Kyle and Peej would make a good couple. I didn’t really know either character well enough to offer a good opinion. Nowadays, I feel like Kyle would do something dumb and unwittingly screw it up, but Power Girl has dated Hal Jordan and Hawkman (thanks Meltzer), so Kyle’s still a step up.


    1. Haha, yeah, I agree Kyle’s thinking this is going to end differently!

      I always liked the hint of romance between Firestorm and PG back in the JLA satellite era – the annual JSA/JLA team ups brought them together and Firestorm was clearly interested in her although, from memory, I think she laughed it off for the most part. Yeah, the Hal Jordan and Hawkman hook-ups both came out of the blue; I could see PG and Hawkman getting together if it had been done naturally, over time, rather than a one-off mention of it having already happened. And, you know, if he wasn’t in love with his perpetually reincarnating true love.


  2. Nice job juggling all those images and logos Gary. Well done. I recognize the Daryll Banks images from a cover he did, and I do believe that’s Greg Laroque’s art for Power Girl right?


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