No New Comics (For Me)

Not a massive surprise to read a message from my local comic shop last night that until further notice, the shop will be closed. It’s housed in a large market space which is run by the city council and they’ve decided to close the whole market which means not only the comic shop but every other business in there will be shut for the foreseeable.

It’s disappointing but not a surprise, like I said. It’s all about containing the spread of the virus and keeping as many people safe as possible. Fingers crossed, we can get back to normal soon.

I’d normally take advantage of the lull in new comics to crack on with the proposed annotations for DAY OF JUDGMENT but, with perfect timing, Mrs Earth-Prime and I are looking to move house soon so are putting non-essential items (including my 32 comic boxes and their contents) into storage.

With no comics to annotate, things are going to have to wait.

Although I might have another short series I can annotate . . .