100 Issues Ago April 2012

I came across this “100 Issues Ago” panel in an old JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and thought I’d tidy it up and re-purpose it. If one month = one issue, what was I reading 100 Issues Ago?

Month 8 of the New 52 and, as I mentioned last month, the centre was not holding, and things were starting to fall apart.

ALL-STAR WESTERN was still good, though AQUAMAN was getting bogged down in the origin of the Others in the lead up to that team being given their own series further down the line. BLUE BEETLE and CAPTAIN ATOM were both struggling as Beetle left El Paso for New York and Atom ran into his future self. FIRESTORM and JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL were floundering as well, with the former still trying to fling ideas out to see what would stick, while the latter was bringing in new members to try and boost sales/interest – trouble is the new member was Batwing – anyone remember him? And TEEN TITANS was rambling on with some random crossover fighting a group called NOWHERE.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom – the GREEN LANTERN titles were solid reads at this point, and as always FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF SHADE and DEMON KNIGHTS were well worth a read. MISTER TERRIFIC came to an end, unfortunately, but (from memory – my comics are still in storage) there was the clearest reveal yet that his girlfriend Karen Starr was the Power Girl of Earth-2.

Outside of DC, it was THE BOYS and FATALE. One thing the New 52 would do for me, as we’ll see as these months roll on, is I would eventually start branching out much more beyond DC.

5 thoughts on “100 Issues Ago April 2012

  1. I remember Batwing, vaguely. I forgot about them giving Aquaman two ongoing series. Can’t imagine thinking that was gonna work.

    I don’t think I added anything new in April. Resurrection Man had Mitch run into the Suicide Squad. Batman Beyond Unlimited added a Superman story, by JT Krul and Howard Porter. Porter’s art was terrible. Green Arrow’s still in Nocenti’s first arc, so Tolibao’s still not helping. Angel & Faith, Rocketeer Adventures, Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures.

    Defenders and Secret Avengers were still going, although I couldn’t explain what either series was doing at the moment. Daredevil was in a 3-part crossover with Greg Rucka’s Punisher and Avenging Spider-Man. We’re still a couple of issues away from Chris Samnee taking over as penciler full-time, so this what I’d consider the low point of Waid’s time writing Daredevil.


    1. Yeah, Aquaman was a hot property for ten minutes while Geoff Johns was writing the title (much like Booster Gold was post-52 and INFINITE CRISIS) but giving him a second title starring a bunch of brand new characters? Not their best idea.


  2. I will say this about Johns if nothing else, as far as his GL run goes, I like and prefer the ending HE gave it. I think that’s probably the most logical ending for Hal, with him and Carol ending up together and retired from the life.


    1. Most people like a happily ever after type ending, it’s only human nature, but part of me wishes that Hal and Carol would just agree it doesn’t work long-term for them, and go off and do what they need to.

      Not that we’ve seen much of Carol lately anyway…

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      1. True. I’m sure Hal and Carol might not end up together in the future, or maybe they will, who knows? I highly doubt we’ll ever see that happen in real time since DC will never let Hal and his friends age, but that’s where we get to enjoy these little glimpses into what could be.


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