100 Issues Ago March 2013

It was honestly something of a struggle this month to pick something for this post – not because I was confronted by so much quality, rather because I looked at the books I’d bought in March 2013 . . . and really wondered what the hell was going on with most of them.

Firestorm faced off against the Teen Titans in his own book while the team were facing off against Raven in their own, neither storyline making much of an impact on my memory. The Lantern books were dealing with the Wrath of the First Lantern which I remember enjoying at the time, but now . . .

And then there was a bunch of other stuff happening in a bunch of other books. Not a good month, clearly.

DC still riding high with 22 books (a couple of titles had two issues this month due to the five Wednesdays) and Image and Marvel one a piece (FATALE and FURY: MAX respectively)

100 Issues Ago February 2013

With JUSTICE LEAGUE having been the tentpole book for the launch of the New 52, you had to wonder why there was a need, just over two years later, for the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA to be launched. Turns out it was just a vanity project for Geoff Johns to lead the charge towards the upcoming Trinity War storyline. This iteration of the League was put together in order to keep tabs on the main Justice League which, along with the Justice League Dark, would form the three League teams in Trinity War.

The team’s raison d’ĂȘtre never really rang true with me, plus I never cottoned to David Finch’s art, but I stuck with the series, sucker as I was for anything labelled Justice League.

Of course, as I type this, I remember that Trinity War led directly to Forever Evil . . . oh boy, I am not looking forward to revisiting that in the coming months.

The GREEN LANTERN titles were finishing with Rise of the Third Army and gearing up for the surprisingly enjoyable First Lantern storyline; SWAMP THING was still struggling to get out of the never ending Rotworld crossover; sundry other stuff was happening in other DC series.

Outside of DC, it was just GHOST, FURY MAX, and FATALE.

100 Issues Ago January 2013

Forgive me – with all the fun and games of working on the house, being busy in the office, and just missing my reminders, I forgot to post a 100 Issues Ago post last month. Still, c’est la vie, eh?

I’ve long been willing to give Keith Giffen a chance when he’s either writing and/or illustrating a book and back in 2013, THRESHOLD came along featuring a tough as nails abandoned Green Lantern called Jediah Caul and his sort-of partner in crime Stealth who, if I remember rightly, was a revamped version of a LEGION character. Again, if my memory serves, the title was touted as being an ongoing and then, before release, became an eight issue miniseries which isn’t usually a good sign.

Anyhow, Caul is one of the victims on the intergalactic show The Hunted where a whole planet is out to get him and Stealth and a bunch of others. Giffen’s tight dialogue, as usual, doesn’t give a great deal away, but there’s exposition in the form of Glimmernet updates. It’s fast moving and the art by Tom Raney (Scott Kolins illustrated the Larfleeze backup) is nice and clean.

Not a bad start to the series.

Elsewhere this month, the GREEN LANTERN titles were still running through the Rise of the Third Army storyline; DEMON KNIGHTS welcomed Robert Venditti as the new writer on his first DC book; the Rotworld crossover in SWAMP THING and sundry other titles limped along; and both FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF SHADE and BLUE BEETLE came to an end.

Still massively weighted in favour of DC – 19 issues this month, with just one a piece for both Marvel and Image.

100 Issues Ago November 2012

I’d only had a few tangential dealings with the Damien Wayne Robin and found him to be brash, spoilt and a total loose cannon – everything the late and unlamented Jason Todd had been vilified for, years before – but he was something of a fan favourite for some reason. How times change, I guess.

Still trying to find a way back to Earth-2, Huntress has a run in with the red breasted psycho that uses the name she used back on her home world and she’s shocked to find how careless and callous he is, which is probably why, despite the age and experience difference, he ends up beating her. However, Power Girl arrives and gives him a well-deserved kick in the backside before they decide to team up and work out who has been stealing regularly from Bruce Wayne’s bank account.

The rest of this month was fairly low key; BLUE BEETLE and FIRESTORM were limping along; the GREEN LANTERN titles were getting wrapped up in the Rise of the Third Army storyline; SWAMP THING and FRANKENSTEIN were mired in the slow-moving morass that was Rotworld; and TEEN TITANS was doing . . . something that I can’t remember.

Still mostly DC, with 21 issues this month; GHOST from Dark Horse; the final issue of THE BOYS from Dynamite; and FATALE from Image. Looking back at my records, those sort of numbers wouldn’t change until 2014.