Mash-Up #293 Justice League of America vs Sinistro, Boy Fiend

It’s back to the 60s for the JLA as they go up against one of their mightiest foes . . . er . . . some kid who got powers.

Sinistro, Boy Fiend, was a short lived character from Charlton comics whose secret identity was the wonderfully named Jack Biceps. He also, judging by the posture on the cover above, had a really bad back problem.

3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #293 Justice League of America vs Sinistro, Boy Fiend

  1. Wait a minute here…you’re telling me a guy with a hunchback like that, that would make Quasimodo jealous, is named Jack Biceps? Goddamn…I’m sure that’s not his REAL birth name but something he put together back then because it made him sound like a real tough guy…you know, even though he’s not sporting any guns to show off.


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