5 thoughts on “Untold Tales #384 Doom Patrol and Man-Thing

  1. You know, you’d think he’d make a legit good addition to the team, especially considering his powers, being a guardian over the nexus of multiversal realities, as well as being a former scientist. Plus thanks to Gerber, he was exposed to more weirdness and strangeness than the DP had seen in their own adventures. He’d be a good temporary member before being scared off by the Chief during his one too many times experimenting on him.
    We’d at least hopefully get a Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man/Man-Thing fight first~


  2. There have been versions of Man-Thing with enough sentience to work on a team (Jeff Parker put him on Thunderbolts for a while), but most of the time, he’s too mindless. Plus, having a guy wrapped in bandages around someone prone to lighting things on fire could be a dicey proposition. I guess as long as Negative Man doesn’t get scared he’ll be fine.

    So I’ll say he joins for one mission, and gets the boot when he lights the Chief’s beard on fire.


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