Untold Tales #406 Captain Atom vs Hex

Time for a summer event, I think – “Timestorm” pitting past and present characters against each other. $100* if you can guess who’s behind it all (revealed next Friday!)

Or maybe it’s an excuse for me to not worry about finding fancy backgrounds for a few issues . . .

*That’s $100 in Monopoly money, okay?

6 thoughts on “Untold Tales #406 Captain Atom vs Hex

  1. Too many time villains to narrow it down really. If it’s strictly DC time villains, then the obvious ones are the Time Trapper, Extant/Monarch and maybe Parallax.
    Cool concept though, with a nice selection this round of character. Captain Atom (maybe even THIS version) could also be behind it since Monarch/Extant’s been shown to be either evil Hawk, Captain Atom or Waverider. Come to think of it, those ARE Waverider’s signature time-jumping color effects? Hmmm…..


      1. Yeah, fair comment – the “guess the culprit” was a throwaway line without any thought behind it.

        If anyone wants to guess, here are some clues: a) the character was published in an imprint of one of the big two b) the character was created by one of the big names in comics.

        And, to remove all doubt, the culprit is not Waverider. 🙂

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