3 thoughts on “Untold Tales #410 Flash and Dr Occult

  1. It REALLY, really does!
    Glad you used Dr. Occult there Gary. It’s sad to see he doesn’t get as much love or attention from his own company despite his pedigree of creators and more popular peers.


    1. Yeah, I think after Gaiman roped him in as one his Trenchcoat Brigade (which, to be fair to him, was just a throwaway line in BOOKS OF MAGIC – t was wider DC that ran with the idea) he sort of became tied into the Vertigo stuff for a while. Not sure I’ve seen him around post New-52, thinking about it…

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      1. I haven’t either, and that’s a shame. It shouldn’t always take a Gaiman or Morrison to find and unloved & underappreciated gem of a character to showcase, and yet sadly it often does.


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