Round-Up June 2021

After a hiatus of maybe a year and a half, BABYTEETH has returned to finish off its run, with the final issue due to land in September. And, as it has been throughout the series, it’s bloody good fun and highly recommended. THE BEQUEST was a fun four issue mini-series (I’ve mentioned before about Aftershock and their policy of never actually telling you something is a mini-series or an ongoing) that was worth a look, and for two issues in, SILVER CITY shaping up nicely as a “what happens when you die” story.

As it has been for a couple of years now, Dark Horse is just the BLACK HAMMER books for me; VISIONS is a nice collection of done-in-one tales by different creators and the main series has just returned with REBORN. So glad I picked this up a couple of years ago.

And it’s the staples from DC for me – JUSTICE LEAGUE and GREEN LANTERN – along with a few mini-series. GREEN LANTERN is back to some nice straightforward superheroes defending the galaxy after the convoluted and (for me) unsatisfying Grant Morrison series; INFINITE FRONTIER is shaping up to be some fun multiversal shenanigans, something I’m a sucker for; but still the best book out of the lot is CRIME SYNDICATE; if there were any justice in the world (this one, not Earth-3) this would be picked up for a sequel at least or an ongoing at best.

While I wait for the new Dejah Thoris title to land, Dynamite’s offering is just THE INVINCIBLE RED SONJA which I’m enjoying thanks to the writing of Palmiotti and Conner, and the gorgeous art of Moritat.

BIRTHRIGHT finished in June, 50 issues of top-notch writing and stunning to look at art – I honestly don’t think there was a dull issue in the whole run. COMMANDERS IN CRISIS is still fun as heroes from multiple earths try to save the last one there is. GEIGER‘s shaping up nicely, as well, with lots of hints at world building promising that it’s not just going to be one straightforward adventure. HEY KIDS and INKBLOT are enjoyable for different reasons (I still have the feeling that INKBLOT is made up month by month) but some good news from the September solicitations – ADVENTUREMAN is returning! I loved the first four issues last year and am glad to see it’s back soon.

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  1. I REALLY need to go check out those Black Hammer ones, especially the visions one.
    LOVED the entire Skulldigger series, but the ending felt flat & missing something. I’m really hoping Lemire returns to it soon for a more satisfying sequel/conclusion.

    I’m never been shy about admitting how much of a biased fan I am of the CSA or Squadron Supreme, and I really enjoyed both series so far. I was surprised about the Heroes Reborn event actually entertaining me due to the negative stigma & legacy of its’s predecessor, but no, I was pleasantly surprised.
    CSA should’ve been allowed to be an ongoing, or at least a 12-issue maxi series, but I’m guessing the sales/support just weren’t there. Damn shame because they were building a more intriguing Earth-3 rather than the usual all-evil world it’s always been.

    CROSSOVER is pretty good, and I’m also enjoying the 6-issue What If? Spider-Man series, Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow. This is allowed to breathe & go into detail on what would happen if Spidey kept his symbiote and allowed it to influence him into killing his foes. Good shit.


    1. CRIME SYNDICATE was always billed as a 6-parter but, as I said, I’d love to come back and see what’s happening on this new Earth-3 that seems, in just a handful of issues, to have more life and backstory than any of the previous versions we’ve encountered.

      And yeah, really enjoying CROSSOVER.

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      1. That latest one that Chip Zdarsky guest-wrote should be REQUIRED reading as far as loving yourself and just addressing suicidal tendencies w/o being preachy about it.


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