Annotations Update

Remember when I used to annotate DC stories from years ago? Yeah, me too.

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything along those lines and the reason, as long time readers will know, was due to a combination of the pandemic lockdown and Mrs Earth-Prime and I moving house at the end of last year. All of my comics were the first thing to go into storage and they’re still there but (and this is where the update comes in) they’re now one step closer to being pulled out of there.

And why? Because Mrs Earth-Prime and I spent a good few hours yesterday putting together some custom made shelving units to house the boxes.

I worked out what I needed, had a local builders’ merchants cut the wood to size and then, ably assisted by my good lady wife, put everything together. Here’s the halfway done stage:

(please ignore the crap on my desk in the foreground)

And here they are finished:

There’s fifteen compartments, each big enough to hold two comic boxes – and my CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS box set as you can see – and there’s a second, 5×1 unit that we built a week or two back as a proof of concept elsewhere in the room, which gives me room for 38 boxes (saving one compartment for the COIE box set)

As I currently have 32 boxes (plus another couple with the comics I’ve bought since the house move) that should give me enough room for everything . . . except the graphic novels which will be taking up five Ikea bookcases that are being delivered in four weeks’ time.

So with a bit of luck, my comics will be back and out of storage by the end of September, or thereabouts.

Eighteen months without them . . . it’s been tough, people, but it’s nearly over.

With a bit of luck, annotations will start up again end of this year/beginning of next.

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