Invasion! Annotations Done

It’s done, all bar the shouting – or at least, all bar collating the handful of unknown characters into a single page, but I’ll do that after my forthcoming holidays.

Check the link on the right hand side, have a read through and if there’s anything wrong or you can identify the unknowns, use the Contact Me tab at the top of the page.

Invasion! Annotations Update

I admit it – I’ve been slacking off lately, partly due to the fun of creating the Mash-Ups, partly due to being away several weekends, partly due to work.

Just the usual nonsense getting in the way of annotating a 30 year old story.

Still, over the weekend I got back on the horse, metaphorically speaking, and have finished INVASION! #2 so am now on to the second set of crossovers. My plan is to get it all done and published by the end of August.