Random Retrospective #9 – Green Lantern #23.1

Here we are, not only in the New 52 but part of the FOREVER EVIL event where the villains in various DC titles had their own spotlight issues, giving their origin or focusing on some aspect of their story because, you know, the bad guys from Earth-3 have taken over the Earth at this point, so why not look at the bad guys?

To be fair, this issue of GREEN LANTERN was actually pretty good. Robert Venditti’s run on the title was solid for the most part, and the introduction of new enemy Relic – literally a hold over from a previous version of the universe – was a worthy foe not only for the Green Lanterns but all the ring wielders. And full marks to penciller Rags Morales for the entire issue being splash pages that look really good.

The story is basically Relic’s origin, how he realised the Lightsmiths of his universe were depleting a limited source of energy and how he tried to convince them to stop for the good of all existence. Of course, they don’t listen to him and, before long, it’s too late. Everything’s done.

He expects to die with the rest of the universe, but instead goes through the Source Wall and sleeps for eons in the new universe until he’s woken by Kyle Rayner, he White Lantern at this point. Sensing the proximity of a lightsmith, he wakes full of righteous anger, determined to stop the Lanterns using this universe’s finite source of power.

As I say, I enjoyed Venditti’s run and the introduction of Relic made a for a good foil for the Lanterns.

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  1. All the best villains have some sort of relatability & reason to them for going the route they do. Tragedy doesn’t always make people heroes by rising above the pain & conflict, it sometimes makes them fall hard & use the pain to rise back up in different, more darker way.


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