Random Retrospective #36 – The Boys #41

Ah, THE BOYS – what can we say about this that hasn’t already been said before, and more recently due to the excellent Amazon Prime TV adaptation? This issue sees us near the start of an infiltration plan, where Wee Hughie is sent to spy on the, shall we say, less than stellar super group called The Superdupers. And why do they need to be spied upon if they’re less use than a chocolate teapot? It’s because they’ve just been given a new leader by Vought, the very nasty Malchemical.

When the team are out on patrol in the city, the incident they get involved in is saving a cat from a tree, which really doesn’t go according to plan, and just reinforces Malchemical’s contempt for the team.

Elsewhere, Mother’s Milk has been doing some investigating of his own and realises that the reason Butcher has tasked Wee Hughie with spying on Superduper isn’t the real reason.

When Hughie tails the Superduper team as they head out to get ice cream (because that’s the sort of team they are) he watches one of the members choke on his spoon and can’t stop himself from rushing in and perform an emergency tracheotomy. With the hero’s life saved, the Superdupers rejoice and, much to Hughie’s surprise, end up almost adopting him.

Unknown to Hughie, though, Butcher is just down the street watching them and is not impressed.

THE BOYS was a damn fine series and I could do with re-reading it all at some point.

One thought on “Random Retrospective #36 – The Boys #41

  1. Sincerely looking forward to the day when someone comes along and gives us the same kind of spoof/parody of the Boys that Ennis gave us, complete with the same piss & vinegar towards them as Ennis has for superheroes.


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