St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Happy Valentine’s Day, people.


10 thoughts on “St Valentine’s Day Massacre

  1. Ha ha. Now this is EXACTLY how’d I expect that one to go, especially since Evil Hal could take out Frank in a micro-second.

    Really good job on those lego character designs. They turned out really well.
    At first I thought Frank was a re-colored Joker, the way his beard stubble looked, utill I realized , yeah that’s supposed to be beard stubble, not painted black grin.


    1. Thanks – I was happy with most of those figures; if I use the Punisher again, I’ll re-do the beard stubble and hair, but I was running out of time on the weekend. Killer Frost’s hair took forever!


  2. I bet it did. Looks really intricate. I will say I’m surprised I didn’t automatically recognize Killer Frost, till I looked at the boob line on her chest. Looked a lot like the Icicle’s kid circa ’99-2000.


      1. Yup, well the Icicle’s son, but yeah, pretty much the same thing. It was him and the rest of the Injustice Society 2 against Wildcat by himself in one issue.


      2. Yeah, I remember that run with fondness: Goyer and Johns writing (before Goyer went off and got all dark and miserable in Hollywood) and Stephen Sadowski and Michael Bair on art. Jesus, that was almost 20 years ago.


      3. I know….sad to think about. I don’t think I’ve seen any mainstream art by Sandowki in a good long while, but I always liked his JSA run.
        Johns did such a good job on restoring the JSA, Hawkman specifically that I can’t believe they still haven’t officially showed back up yet in the DCU.


      4. I think the intention is to get them back following the events of Doomsday Clock; we’ve seen Johnny Thunder in that, and Jay Garrick was seen in The Button so fingers crossed.


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