Random Panel: Crisis on Infinite Karas?


At the start of each year, I go through a subset of my comic collection and review them, basically deciding if I want to keep them or get rid of them (have to admit – I keep the vast majority!)

So here you go, a random couple of panels from a comic I recently re-read and which made me laugh – Ex-Arrowette Cissie King-Jones and others at a superhero themed restaurant where the waiters dress as heroes, leading to an encounter of multiple Karas.

6 thoughts on “Random Panel: Crisis on Infinite Karas?

  1. Cute gag.
    I wonder why they never brought back Arrowette in the JY revival? Or has she been brought back & I just don’t know about it.


  2. What hero is the guy with the cape (cloak?) standing behind the actual Cissie and Cassie in the second panel supposed to be? I know the colors are wrong, but Valor maybe?

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    1. Well he’s in the background, so Valor is a good guess. If going by said colors, than The Black Condor maybe? I know he’s right next to a Manhunter, who’s also mis-colored.


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