Not Oriental

In the same week that Roy Thomas was taken to task for using the word “Oriental”, I came across this classified ad in an old issue of All Star Squadron from the early 80s:

This is the AMERICAN WAY” it proudly says, “not oriental

Who needs a collections of fast, athletic moves when you can simply deliver a poorly drawn left-handed punch to the bearded face of a man in a yellow onesie?

Is there anything more American than that, my friends?

Random Ad

Still working through War of The Gods and, as it was published in 1991, it still has those full page collections of ads where you could learn to “draw supercharacters” or get a “Marvel/DC price guide” or build muscles including “Bull-Like Shoulders“!


or even get a “Live Chameleon FREE!” when you buy 200 Live Meal Worms but the one that caught my eye was in the top right:


Now there’s nothing unusual about getting 30% off the cover price of new comics – hell, I’m up for that, but what really puzzled me was the bloke at the bottom of the ad:


Who is he? What is that contraption that is shooting arrows both away from and towards it? Why is one of those arrows heading to his glasses? And perhaps most importantly of all . . .

What the hell does that have to do with

getting 30% off comics?!

Crisis House Ad

Came across this house ad for what was then titled DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths in Green Lantern #186, cover dated March 1985:

GL 186 Crisis Ad2As the first issue of Crisis was cover dated April ’85, just one month later, I can only guess that the ad was done months in advance which is why it still had the original series title.

Sill, it’s sort of nice to see that even at that early stage, the tag-line of “The DC Universe will never be the same” was in place.

Age Appropriate Ads In Comics

If you’ve ever picked up a comic from the 1970s, I’ve no doubt you’ll have seen the pages of classified ads selling the usual weird stuff that kids were into back then – you know, this sort of thing:



Spy Kit

or even

Flying Saucer

Yep, you kids back in the 70s could get your hands on all sorts of crazy stuff because back then, before the grim ‘n’ gritty 80s, before Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen made DC proudly proclaim that “comics weren’t just for kids” any more. It was weird and a bit hokey in retrospect but, you know, it was for kids.

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