Now That’s Some Prize!

Last week I took delivery of some 60s and 70s GREEN LANTERN issues – still trying to get a complete collection of that series though I’m now edging into the serious money section of my missing issues.

Anyway, while browsing through them I came across this ad:

Wow! The 60s were crazy, man! Like, really far out, you dig? You could totally win a

Like the ad says:

This was for real! You get to win a full size Gemini spacecraft!

Yeah, how’s it going to feel when you donate your prize to your city so that . . . wait, what?!

What a gip! You didn’t even get to keep it – you had to donate it to a city for a museum!

And one quick hunt on the internet seems to show that’s exactly what happened – a post from 2012 on this blog claims

a 13 year old from … Portland, Oregon won the prize.

and it ended up in the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, but if it’s still there, I can’t find a mention on the website.

But hey, at least a bunch of other kids got to enjoy it rather than it just sitting in some kid’s back yard until their parents got bored of it and sold it for scrap or something.

The Man With The Comet Head

Looking for something to read this week? Let’s see what DC’s Direct Currents coming soon box could suggest, shall we?

The Man with The Comet Head fromĀ Strange Adventures #200?

I . . . I really just have no idea what the hell that’s all about.

At the very least, you have to applaud their straightforward honesty. They call a story “The Man with The Comet Head” and damn me if they don’t deliver exactly that.

The Greatest Superman Products Ever

With Brian Michael Bendis about to take over/revamp/relaunch/do something or other with Superman, I can’t help wondering if we’ll see a new outpouring of merchandise to tie in with it.

If we do, I wonder if any of it will match up to the stuff you could get in 1965:

All your favourites are there – kites, costumes, jigsaw puzzles, jams and even a Colgate-Palmolive Soaky.

What the hell’s that? I hear you cry.

Superman bubble bath:

Top that, Bendis!