The Man With The Comet Head

Looking for something to read this week? Let’s see what DC’s Direct Currents coming soon box could suggest, shall we?

The Man with The Comet Head from Strange Adventures #200?

I . . . I really just have no idea what the hell that’s all about.

At the very least, you have to applaud their straightforward honesty. They call a story “The Man with The Comet Head” and damn me if they don’t deliver exactly that.

The Greatest Superman Products Ever

With Brian Michael Bendis about to take over/revamp/relaunch/do something or other with Superman, I can’t help wondering if we’ll see a new outpouring of merchandise to tie in with it.

If we do, I wonder if any of it will match up to the stuff you could get in 1965:

All your favourites are there – kites, costumes, jigsaw puzzles, jams and even a Colgate-Palmolive Soaky.

What the hell’s that? I hear you cry.

Superman bubble bath:

Top that, Bendis!

Wonder? Yes. Woman? Definitely.

Ah, casual sexism in the 1960s, from Justice League of America #66.

Where else would you see one of the most powerful and iconic female heroes reduced to a home organising shrew complete with apron and feather duster?

As an aside, what the hell is a “psonic computer“?

What Sort Of Things?

Captain Action was an action figure from the 60s that had a short lived comic book published by DC; have a quick look at the Wikipedia page here for more info. By the way, the second issue featured a cover that I’ve included in the pre-Crisis section of the COIE #7 homages page which you can find here.

The reason for me telling you this? It’s because of another crazy ad I found in some 60s Justice League of America issues:

A quick four panel story and some information on the toys:

Captain Action comes with “crime fighting accessories” . . . but we’re not going to tell you what, oh no . . . no, you have to buy the toy – sorry, action figure, to find out.

Action Boy? Oh he has a helmet, knife, ray gun and panther.

A freaking panther?! What the hell? I know this was still the era of the teen sidekick but you let this kid walk around with a panther?!

Dr Evil – he’s evil! You can tell by his deeds . . . which are evil! And his outfit . . . is evil!!

And the things he comes with . . . “evil, evil things!

He’s evil, people! EVIL!

Man . . . the 60s, eh?