Out With The Old Underworld, In With The New

A reader got in touch this week to let me know I’d missed a character in the New Gods fight in issue #2 of HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE annotations. While I was updating the Acknowledgements page, I noticed the logo that I’d created for use on the UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED pages:

I’ve never liked it – it’s too scratchy and rough, plus it doesn’t share the colour scheme from the actual series. I made it in 2018, though, so I’ve had a bit more practice putting together logos with all of the UNTOLD TALES covers I’ve done since then, so have re-done the logo like so:

I think that looks much neater, even if I say so myself.

Underworld Unleashed Annotations Done

UU1Because nothing says Christmas like a tale of the devil trying to capture the purest soul in the DCU, I’ve brought over the annotations forĀ Underworld Unleashed from the old site to this one; you can find them by clicking here or the link on the right hand side.

That brings me up to date with the old annotations I’ve done; anything from here on in will be brand new so will probably take me a little longer. Now, of course, I just have to decide which DC summer event from years gone by will be the next one to annotate . . .