Abyss: Hell’s Sentinel

The issue begins with Sentinel, the former Green Lantern Alan Scott, crucified upside down, his body penetrated with the wood of the tree he is held against. He thinks back over his life, how he fought in the Second World War and of how his wife Molly had been the Harlequin for a time. He also thinks of how he had recently been rejuvenated and become young once more while Molly had remained in her 60s. How had he ended up like this, he wonders.

Earlier, he had woken to find Molly being attacked by some demonic force; once satisfied she was safe, he left to defend Gotham. Left alone in the dark, Molly searched for something to light her way and found a candle with strange markings. Returning from a fight with a demon, Sentinel finds Molly rejuvenated like him after making a deal.

Racing to the old JSA headquarters, Sentinal hopes to contact the Spectre but instead finds the Phantom Stranger who informs him that the mystical heroes are all being kept busy by mysterious forces. He tells Sentinel that Molly has trader her soul to Neron and there is nothing he can do.

Determined to prove him wrong, Sentinel persuades the Stranger to help him gather a collection of other magical heroes, the new Fate and Zatanna among them. Together they find a portal to Hell and are challenged by several of Sentinel’s old enemies. As the Spectre arrives to prevent the evil running amok, he is informed that there is nothing he can do – the Spectre had recently dealt with Neron and was unable to interfere.

As Sentinel attempts to retrieve Molly’s soul, his friends are occupied with enemies of their own but each of them slowly manages to overcome their troubles; even the Spectre rejects the notion that he is a slave of Neron. Defeating their enemies, Sentinel finally frees Molly’s soul but as the team are about to leave, Neron himself appears. Sending Molly away with the others, he attacks Neron to give them time to escape but ends up enslaved, trapped in miniature form on Neron’s armour.