4 thoughts on “Sandman Cast News

  1. Dear Gary,

    I apologize for this repeated question, but do you plan to continue doing the annotations for Day of Judgment and other events in the near future?

    Thank you and best regards,



    1. Hi there

      Yep, finishing the annotations is definitely on the list. Not sure if you read the blog regularly, though, but short version is all my comics went into storage just over a year ago in preparation for moving house which we thought would take three months. Then the lockdown hit which pushed back the house move; while that happened in December, Mrs Earth-Prime and I have been working on the house and hope to get my comics out in the next two to three months.

      So while I’ll definitely get around to it, I have to wait until I have somewhere in my house where I can store them before even thinking about annotating them.



      1. Ah I see, I’ve heard/read about the moving/storage part, but I thought its “over” 🙂

        Take your time, I patiently waiting!


      2. With the work that’s been done over the last few weeks, I hope to start getting my comics back within the next month or so – just have to build some shelves to hold them, first.


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