Batman vs Superman Trailer

So the new, uber high def trailer has been released and there’s a LOT more stuff in there.

The problem with releasing long trailers is that it runs the risk of giving too much information away. For a start:


“some sensuality”? What, after the fight do Bats and Supes kiss and make up? You know . . . sensually?

But seriously, that first meeting between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, where Wayne looks him up and down saying he has “a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns” – anyone else get the feeling that Bruce knows Kent is Superman?

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is interesting – about as far away from Kevin Spacey as you can get; he seems cheerily mad and as such is closer to the Joker than previous Luthors.


There’s a nice juxtaposition between this scene where Superman descends with a thud to walk among soldiers who apparently worship him


and the next where he floats down serenely to face a bunch of senators who are obviously holding him to account for the massacre in Metropolis


And then we get plenty of the actual title fight between the two good guys (which appears to have been – at least partly – orchestrated/exacerbated by Luthor)


And then there’s Luthor’s pet which appears to be a Doomsday inspired Bizarro version of Zod:


Who shows up just before . . .


Yay! Wonder Woman finally on the big screen and saving the arses of the other two characters as well!

Which leads to the shot a lot of people have been waiting for:


DC’s trinity of heroes standing together. Whatever you might think of Man of Steel, whatever you might think of Zack Snyder, you have to admit that looks so good.

But, to come back to my point about trailers, in those roughly three minutes we can surmise the following plot line:

  • Batman and Superman meet in civilian guise and dislike each other
  • Superman testifies before senators, Bruce Wayne probably testifies against him
  • Luthor pits Superman against Batman (possibly through mind control?)
  • Superman breaks free of the control (possibly by Lois Lane getting through to him?)
  • Superman and Batman kiss and make up (sensually?)
  • To prevent the fight stalling, Luthor unleashes DoomsZod
  • Wonder Woman arrives to save them
  • They team up and take DoomsZod down

There’s some stuff in there that I’m not sure of – not least the underground bunker where Superman holds and unmasks Batman while soldiers worship him; that just doesn’t sound like the Superman we know (but then much of Man of Steel didn’t feature the Superman we know) so I’m left wondering if Supes is mind controlled at that point or a pre-Bizarro clone.

Compare that amount of information with how much has come out about Episode VII. In the new Star Wars film, we can get a vague feel for characters returning, a new Empire rising and new heroes coming in to their own, but there’s not much to join the dots. As cool as the Batman vs Superman trailer is, I’d rather know a little less and have more to look forward to in the same way that I do with Episode VII.

Still, it does look good and I’ll definitely go and see it . . . but then I felt that way when I saw the Man of Steel trailers.

Oh, and for the record, Ben Affleck looks and sounds damn good as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.