“The Shallows” Teaser Trailer

I like a shark attack movie as much as the rest of the world – Deep Blue Sea was a wonderfully over the top film with one of the best surprise deaths ever – and the trailer for The Shallows looks intriguing:

Not much to go on there but if they can stretch a movie out with just Blake Lively (and a seagull) on a single rock facing off against a shark, they can have my money. The potential for some real nerve shredding tension is there if they stick with a tiny cast, a single location and an ever present threat; this could be a real edge of the seat situation and I hope it works.

However, two things bugged me about this: first, the tag line:



That’s the best they can come up with? What was once over there, is now over here. And if “the deep” is a reference to the book by Peter Benchley and the film adaptation . . . well, there were no sharks in that one. You’re thinking of Jaws. And that’s the other thing that bugs me from the article where I discovered the trailer:

Billed by Sony Pictures as “‘Jaws’ for a new generation,” “The Shallows” opens June 24.

Why the hell does the new generation need their own Jaws? Is the original not good enough?