Customers Who Bought This Product . . .

There’s only so much money I can spend on comics, sadly, so not every new title that catches my eye makes it to my pull list. However, I’ll pick some of them up when the collection is released. One of those titles is Insexts by Marguerite Bennett.


I enjoyed her work on Earth 2 and Earth 2: World’s End so picked up the collections of the digital first series DC Bombshells and was glad I did as it’s good fun. Her other series from AfterShock, Animosity, is only two issues in but is already one of my favourite series. With that in mind, I plan to by Insexts as well.

However, on, there’s only a Kindle edition available, no trade paperback. So I did a quick hunt around and the British comic shop chain Forbidden Planet are selling it, or will be when stock arrives. All well and good, I thought, as I scrolled down the page only to find this:


It appears that I’m the sort of person who will also buy an “Adventure Time – Pop! Lumpy Vinyl Figure

I can only assure you that I’m not.