DC TV – What Might Have Been

Back in the mid-90s, DC comics had a single page feature touting upcoming series or bits of news or random, silly items.

I came across this one in Guy Gardner: Warrior #19, cover dated April 1994 which shows a TV listing featuring various titles along with some interesting casting choices:


There’s a few things there that caught my eye, not least the Batman Drama Anthology where Brad Pitt, Cary Elwes and Peter Horton all play Batman!

However, I thought these few worth highlighting:


Keifer Sutherland as Aquaman (at least in the mid-90s) sounds like great casting!


Similarly, mid-90s Christian Slater as Guy Gardner? Perfect!

But it was coming across the mention of Bill Paxton so soon after his death that really prompted this little post:


Bill Paxton as Lobo. Your initial reaction might be “what were they thinking?” but here he is in Near Dark from just a few years before this article:


So yeah, I can see it.

How things might have been, eh?

3 thoughts on “DC TV – What Might Have Been

    1. Ha! Yeah, even the Ryan Reynolds film was a better idea than Jack Black as Green Lantern.

      What were they thinking with that idea . . . ?


      1. The same thing they thought when Jim Carrey wanted to play the Six Million Dollar Man. The same thing they were thinking when they made the Baywatch and CHiPs movies. This was silly thing so let’s just make it a comedy because that’s what what drama is in our boring new world of darkness and pain.


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