Who Wants Spam?

One of the nice things about WordPress (and the same goes for Blogger when I was posting over there) is it catches pretty much all the spam comments. Most times I ignore them but every now and then something catches my eye just before I hit delete on them. Like these:

Full marks for your automated bot including the site and page name – that shows some effort on your part, so well done. Still not going to click on the link that I’ve blacked out, though.

That’s kind of you to say that my site is “the right website” to talk about Blackest Night. Not sure people have been discussing it “for decades” though.

Thanks, but no interest in monetizing – I do this because I’m a big comics nerd, not so I can get rich by searching for that term I’ve blanked out.

I did get approached by a company who wanted to pay me to write promoted articles on subjects that they’d give me; I doubt I was singled out as opposed to being just another blogger sent an email in a scatter-gun approach in the hope that someone bites. I didn’t bother replying.

When it comes to making money of this little site, I’m with Batman:

2 thoughts on “Who Wants Spam?

  1. Have you been getting that one that floods your spamblock with “Did you get your ideas from here (similar perspective/ideas) that has nothing to do with anything you wrote? I’m getting 50 of those daily and they’re ticking me off something fierce!


    1. Thankfully no! I don’t think my spam queue has been anything bigger than a dozen or so at any one time. The latest one I have is promising to drive 30,000 visitors a month my way – guaranteed!


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