4 thoughts on “Aquaman’s Justice League Day

  1. Ha ha! Nailed it! Cute bit there. I enjoyed that more than most people probably enjoyed the movie. Just based off the trailers I watched, I KNEW this movie would be a fucking dumpster-fire of pure shit…..looks like I wasn’t wrong.

    Until DC /Warner Bros learn how to make an actual live-action movie that DOESN’T suck ass, they’ll always be viewed as second rate to Marvel. Now of course as I’ve said before, DC makes the superior animated movies, but for some reason can’t make a decent live action movie to save their lives. I didn’t bother watching WW, but I guess in comparison to S V B, WW was like Filet mignon to spam.

    Poor Arthur. Even after all Geoff Johns has done, and he STILL get no respect…..


    1. I’m watching the film tomorrow; early reviews I’ve seen have said it’s very patchy – better than BvS, with better interaction between the characters but storyline’s very weak.
      Hope to have my own review up by Monday.

      As to the Wonder Woman film – I really liked it, partly because it was such a breath of fresh air after the Snyder gloom fests. You’d do worse than to give it a go, my man.


  2. Yeah I rented it for my girlfriend to watch, and I refused. I’m sure WW is much better than the other DC movies as of late, especially Synder’s shit (Sounds like a brand name if I ever saw one)
    But I refuse. I felt the same way about Green Lantern, and I’ve yet to sit down and watch the entire film.

    Forgot to mention, that bit with Aquaman holding the bucket of Al Jolson’s blackface was funny AF. Kudos to you sir for going with that one.


    1. I was so, so disappointed with Green Lantern – long been one of my favourite characters and to see him on screen in such a lacklustre film…

      I did wonder if I could get away with the blackface joke but I think the reaction of the other characters made it work. Glad you enjoyed it!

      And now I’m off to watch Justice League…


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