Heroes In Crisis – Who Dies Part 2

Just seen this article over at Newsarama where the cover of DC Nation #4 is revealed, asking which of six characters will die in the forthcoming Heroes In Crisis:

A few weeks ago, I posted my guesses as to the victims and, I’m sad to say, one of them – Green Lantern Kyle Rayner – is on that cover.

The article says:

Booster Gold and Harley Quinn have long been identified as suspects in the murders, so they can likely safely be eliminated. Red Robin recently spent months imprisoned by Mr. Oz (and thought to be dead by Batman) which would make his death probably unlikely.

Arsenal was just revealed to possibly be returning as a cast member of a revamped Red Hood and the Outlaws … so there’s that.

So that just leaves Cyborg and Kyle; can we really see DC killing its major African-American hero instead of a guy who has multiple other people running around with the same power? Especially now Grant Morrison’s taking over Hal Jordan’s series.

Sorry, Kyle, I think your days are numbered.

Oh, and I got Booster right as being one of the accused, as well.

New Models

I’ve made a new sketch for Justice League Day on Saturday – took a little longer for two reasons: first, it has eighteen pictures in it, and second, I had to create some new models in SketchUp.

The previous ones I’ve done have had the figures in place but any hair (Superman and Commissioner Gordon) or masks (Batman and Calendar Man) have been hand drawn once I’ve taken a screen shot and dropped it into my image software. Sometimes it’s looked okay, other times not so much.

This really came home when I started the new scene with Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman. I was happy with the figures themselves but when I tried drawing on the masks and hair, this was the result:

Wonder Woman’s hair isn’t too bad, but Cyborg’s helmet (stop sniggering at the back) and especially Flash’s mask just look awful, and I would have had to draw each of those elements multiple times from multiple angles.

So many hours later (seriously – Mrs Earth-Prime hardly saw me last week) I’d played around in SketchUp, learning from my first attempt at Batman’s cowl (which you’ll see in the completed sketch on Saturday) and ended up with this:

which I’m much happier with.

Still need to work on Flash’s mask, and Wonder Woman’s hair is just a bit lifeless, but it’s better than my hand drawing.