Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Ooooooh, nice.

And not a single rainy, grey, washed out, miserable looking scene in the whole thing – please pay attention, Mr Snyder/DC Movies.


4 thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

  1. Exactly! I’ve said this ad nauseum to my friends and fellow comic fans, THIS right here, is why Marvel is superior to DC when it comes to live-action movies. For me, Marvel can’t touch DC when it comes to animated movies, and Marvel doesn’t even try to compete there, but in the live-action realm, Marvel rules, and DC drools. And that’s not to say I don’t want DC to succeed, because I really, really do. Marvel needs the competition to keep it from getting stale and complacent, but DC just isn’t on Marvel’s level right now. Instead of rushing out shit movies to keep up, they need to just cool their shit, chill, and formulate their own long-term plan to succeed in the long run.


    1. Yeah, I agree.

      Whatever their long term plan is, though, it will inevitably be compared with Marvel’s. Having seen the trailer and the (admittedly) slightly underwhelming appearance of Thanos, can you imagine how, in a couple of years/films, the appearance of Darkseid would be taken by the general public? Every comic fan might now that Thanos was a rip-off/homage to Darkseid, but because he’s on screen first, if DC rolled out Darkseid, most people will just point and say “Hey, they’re copying Marvel!”

      Like you, I so want the DC films to be a success but I think they’ve already thrown it away.


  2. Yup, and yeah, you’re very right about fan/casual fan response to Darkseid inevitably showing up in the DC movieverse.
    Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try, but it also means they better be prepared for the long game of playing catch up. Another criticism, is that unlike Marvel, who has no issues with having their tv and movie characters mixing and mingling to further the whole shared universe concept, DC is decidedly against, preferring to keep their tv and movie universes separate. That’s got to hurt them as well, considering how there’s already a built-in fanbase from those shows there that are being ignored. It’s like Warner is saying “Yeah the tv shows are fine and all, but their not in the big leagues/same class as the movies.”
    If they were to reverse and abandon that philosophy, that may help their chances of leveling out the playing field some.


    1. I much, much prefer DC’s TV stuff. Just this last week I watched the Crisis on Earth-X four parter and while it had it’s flaws, it was a solid tale starring a shed load of characters, all of whom had the chance to do their thing. I enjoyed that four part serial way more than I did Justice League.

      With the shakes ups that are being reported following the lack of success of Justice League, I think we can pretty much kiss goodbye the idea of a DC film universe; if we get stand alone films like Aquaman and Wonder Woman, that’ll be something, but the same level of interaction that Marvel do so well? I don’t think so.


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