Justice League Of America Boot Quiz

As I mentioned in a comment on Mark Perigard‘s blog the other day, I’m still collecting olf Justice League of America and Green Lantern issues from the 60s and 70s, and recently picked up JLoA #113 and #114, two of the 100 Page Giants that DC were doing in the mid-70s.

Flipping through the issue made me realise just how different things are these days, over 40 years later. As well as an all new story featuring the League, a Justice Society reprint and another reprint from an early issue of JLoA (the classic Crisis on Earth-Three), #113 also had a handful of other . . . errr . . . features like the quiz about which boots the League members wear.

Seriously – this was a big enough deal that it was promoted on the cover!!

I’m guessing this was long before DC started bragging that comics weren’t just for kids.

Of course, I can’t mention this without offering you the chance to compete, so here’s the quiz – remember, you need to think as though you’re reading this in 1975. Answers after the fold.

Have your guesses ready? Click below for the answers.

Here you go:

Oh, the 1970s . . .


7 thoughts on “Justice League Of America Boot Quiz

  1. Ha ha, damn. Well ok. So either an editor just happened to probably read a fashion mag like Cosmo, and thought this might be a fun little bit for the kiddies, or it was unofficially a Canada Day issue, you know ’cause they’re always going on A-BOOT something or another? Yeah, that’s just as bad as as the quiz.
    I think I can use that quiz and rework into something a little bit more suited for my humor though.

    Oh, and you know what? I say, just for shits and giggles, all incoming editors and editors-in-chief should be required to take this quiz. If they pass, they get the job, if not, they get the BOOT…..

    Ah, the 1970’s indeed……


  2. After re-reading that quiz, how were kids supposed to know about Metamorpho? I thought he turned down membership initially until the 80’s?

    What exactly were Superman, Batman, the Flash and Aquaman doing that they weren’t wearing their boots? Think about that one for a second.


    1. Yeah, that struck me, too – Metamorpho wasn’t a member of the JLoA.

      What exactly were Superman, Batman, the Flash and Aquaman doing that they weren’t wearing their boots?” – stamping on grapes to make wine the old fashioned way?


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