The Greatest Superman Products Ever

With Brian Michael Bendis about to take over/revamp/relaunch/do something or other with Superman, I can’t help wondering if we’ll see a new outpouring of merchandise to tie in with it.

If we do, I wonder if any of it will match up to the stuff you could get in 1965:

All your favourites are there – kites, costumes, jigsaw puzzles, jams and even a Colgate-Palmolive Soaky.

What the hell’s that? I hear you cry.

Superman bubble bath:

Top that, Bendis!

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Superman Products Ever

  1. I swear if you squint, that colorforms activity set reads like Chloroform activity set. Now THAT would be more in line with something Bendis would create.

    Why does Superman need to chloroform anyone you may ask? Because he can….because he can. I’m sure he did that sort of naughty shit all the time on Lois back in the Silver Age. Hey, spontaneity is the spice of life right? 😉


    1. Haha! Yeah, Lois had to put up with a lot of stuff back then.

      I liked the way pretty much everything in that list offered multiple things apart from Pressman Toy which just had “Kites”

      That’s it, nothing else, we just do kites here at Pressman Toy. That’s why the name is Toy, singular. You want your chloroform, go elsewhere. You want a kite, come speak to us.


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