How Many Is Too Many?

The latest batch of minifigures turned up (including the not at all camp Parallax) and I’m starting to wonder how many of these do I need before it becomes a problem?

Oh, and for those of you who noticed, I have no idea why the Silver Surfer came packaged with a sword:

But isn’t Guy Gardner adorable?

Scary Clown, Camp Villain

It should come as no surprise now that my Lego minifigure habit is in full swing; I’ve even done some silly web comics with them.

So, while perusing the site a friend recommended (damn you, Spike!) I came across a weird mash-up figure that just proves that you can make clowns even scarier than they are already.

Yep, someone, somewhere had the bright idea of merging creepy Ronald McDonald . . . with Heath Ledger’s Joker face.

Just in case that gives you the chills and you need something to calm down with, how about the campest supervillain in the world:

Yes, of course I ordered one, but look at that promotional image – I don’t know if it’s the raised leg, the tilted head or the overall design, but Parallax looks positively divine, darling!