St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Happy Valentine’s Day, people.


How Many Is Too Many?

The latest batch of minifigures turned up (including the not at all camp Parallax) and I’m starting to wonder how many of these do I need before it becomes a problem?

Oh, and for those of you who noticed, I have no idea why the Silver Surfer came packaged with a sword:

But isn’t Guy Gardner adorable?

Scary Clown, Camp Villain

It should come as no surprise now that my Lego minifigure habit is in full swing; I’ve even done some silly web comics with them.

So, while perusing the site a friend recommended (damn you, Spike!) I came across a weird mash-up figure that just proves that you can make clowns even scarier than they are already.

Yep, someone, somewhere had the bright idea of merging creepy Ronald McDonald . . . with Heath Ledger’s Joker face.

Just in case that gives you the chills and you need something to calm down with, how about the campest supervillain in the world:

Yes, of course I ordered one, but look at that promotional image – I don’t know if it’s the raised leg, the tilted head or the overall design, but Parallax looks positively divine, darling!