Gotham TV Show – Skins Vs Shirts

News reaches us here at Earth-Prime that Gotham is finishing, and we think we know why: it’s all down to costs.

No big surprise there, you might think, but it’s a very specific set of costs that are causing problems.

You see, the gentlemen in Gotham are all very well turned out; even Harvey Bullock has gone from the slob he started out as, to someone who routinely wears a shirt and tie, as do most of the gents on the show.

And that’s clearly the problem – all of the money has been pumped in to the men’s outfits, leaving a smaller amount for the ladies of the show.

Take this shot of the cast, for example:

As you can see, the gentlemen look fine and dandy.

The ladies . . . well, they’re suffering the effects of the clothing budget cuts as no-one’s bought them any shirts!

If only they hadn’t spent so much money making the blokes looks so good, they might have been able to keep the ladies warm and the show on the screens.

4 thoughts on “Gotham TV Show – Skins Vs Shirts

      1. My earliest Dr Who memory is watching the last episode of the Third Doctor – was it Planet of the Spiders or something similar? Either way, I watched him turn from Jon Pertwee into Tom Baker and, for the next few years, was a confirmed Who fan.

        I think I tuned out after the first few episodes of the Sixth Doctor. The more recent stuff I can take or leave, to be honest.


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