The (Not So) All Powerful Spectre

A common complaint for years about the Spectre was that he was just too powerful to relate to, something that Superman faced as well in the 70s when he was routinely throwing planets around.

By the late 80s, the Spectre had been depowered and forced to hang around with Jim Corrigan as a separate entity. He currently plays a small role in Millennium that I’m working my way though which led me to find this panel.

Behold, my friends, the Spectre – spirit of vengeance, hammer of God, one of the most powerful heroes the DCU has ever had – reduced to getting around like the rest of us:

Of course, they didn’t show his next words:


Or the other things he asked Corrigan to do:

Man, the 80s were rough for him.

3 thoughts on “The (Not So) All Powerful Spectre

  1. You seemed to have left out some other more desperate and sexually bizarre things Spectre said, like when told Corrigan “For 20 dollars I’ll make you see heaven; I’ll let you hit me in the face with it for 10.”

    Damn Spectre, don’t you remember, Old Man Ronny’s wife says Just say NO to drugs.

    On a serious note, so he really didn’t have jack to do in Millennium? Weird. Wonder why.


    1. Haha! I figured you’d have something filthy to offer!

      The Spectre hasn’t done much yet – issue #4 is the first time he’s appeared, but I’m about to do the Week 4 crossovers so who knows.

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