I’m Back From Holidays

Mrs Earth-Prime and I have had a lovely break, doing next to nothing some days, visiting friends and family on others, as well as sneaking in a celebration for my birthday last weekend. I had a ton of things but the one most obviously connected to this site was a copy, from Mrs Earth-Prime, of this:

I’ve long heard about the DC Implosion of the late 70s and now there’s a book collecting interviews and recollections from most of the major players of the time, talking about it, the state of the industry before it, and what happened after.

While the emphasis is definitely on the DC Implosion and the resulting Cancelled Comic Cavalcade

there’s mention, too, of Marvel and other companies as the factors that affected DC also had an impact on the other companies.

It’s well worth a read for anyone interested in the history of this ridiculous industry we follow.

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