You Were Looking For What, Now?

I’ve said before I don’t do a great deal of publicity on this blog/site – it’s there for me to play around with and enjoy stuff that I like; that others find and (hopefully) enjoy it is a bonus, but I’m not worried about hits or visitors. That said, just before Christmas I had a big spike in numbers of people looking for a summary of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, right after the end of the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl crossover, as well as another one following the Aquaman film release.

Luckily I had both a summary on the site and, weirdly, the Aquaman post that had the most hits was this one.

That said, I can’t help but notice things like search terms used to find info here – the WordPress dashboard shows them so they’re pretty much in my face every time I log on. And today, this first one caught my eye:

“muscular bikini animation”

I have no bloody idea what they found when they came here looking for that.

5 thoughts on “You Were Looking For What, Now?

  1. LOL, wtf??? Is that a think now? See now you have to do a Lego skit containing Muscular Bikini Animation 😉

    Also “Mera looks like Ariel”, well yeah no shit Sherlock. What gave it away, the red hair?


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