Real Men!

The early 70s really were a different time, weren’t they?

While hunting for covers for my series of Mash-Ups, I came across this . . . thing . . .

Look at those banner headlines!

NYMPHOMANIACS: How you can spot them

How to win on the horses!

Love slave to the women who only love corpses!

These were the things that “REAL MEN” were into back then. And here I am, reading comics when I could be finding “murder . . . terror . . . treachery along the trail of the white death

You know, I think I’ll stick to the quiet life, thanks very much.

2 thoughts on “Real Men!

  1. So we have heroin addicts, nympos and necrophilaics, oh my!
    I gotta’ admit, I’m certainly intrigued 😉
    They’d never get away with publishing stuff like this today tho.


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