Hellboy Review

Spoiler free post here – unless you count the fact that the movie stinks as a spoiler.

If you’ve read THE WILD HUNT then you know much of what to expect in this latest Hellboy film. And if you enjoyed THE WILD HUNT, you will likely be disappointed by this film.

Credit where it’s due, David Harbour looks the part but then most people would under that amount of make-up. Ian McShane looks mostly bored throughout and the rest of the cast are forgettable, there to deliver a handful of lines peppered with F-words that are supposed to make you laugh, but fail throughout. The first trailer was criticised for focusing on the humour – I only wish that had carried over into the film.

It’s a mess: bogged down with exposition, moving from one CGI-heavy fight scene to another, with a tired, old seen-it-all-before ending where the protagonist is brought back from the brink by a timely pep talk.

It would be easy to blame director Neil Marshall – and Cthulhu knows I blame him for The Descent and Doomsday . . . Dog Soldiers was great but after that, it’s all been downhill – but nothing really works here. It’s just a mess of disappointing scenes bundled together.

The first Hellboy was great and even though Hellboy II: The Golden Army wasn’t brilliant, it was still much, much better than this offering.

You get two strong right hands, Hellboy, but only just.

One thought on “Hellboy Review

  1. Looks like something you’d REALLY want to like but can’t. The make up looks fine, the whole thing just seems like it under-delivered. I know Rotten Tomatoes has way to much clout these days, but if you do as poor as it did for them, you know it sucks.

    Looks another movie I can safely skip. Well I already planned on it, but this review, as well as some others from some comic and non-comic fans alike, pretty much seals it for me.

    Wonder if Mignola plans on trying this again in another 5-10 years.


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