It’s Like DC Aren’t Even Trying Any More

Plenty of people have picked up on the similarities between the current Year of the Villain pseudo-event running through most DC titles and things like UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED or FOREVER EVIL, and now it turns out they’re releasing acetate covers “depicting DC’s villains as they take over each comic“:

Have they forgotten the lenticular covers that were run during the FOREVER EVIL month when “villains took over the comics“?

I mean . . . come on, DC . . . just try a bit harder, would you?!

3 thoughts on “It’s Like DC Aren’t Even Trying Any More

  1. Jesus…..I mean it hasn’t even been 10 years yet, and they’re already rehashing those shitty covers???
    You’re right, I don’t think they really do care anymore.


      1. That shows how little they respect their fanbase/customers to roll out the same tired gimmick from a couple years back. I keep saying it but until they change the current regime there of Dildo and friends and hire newe, fresh blood with new fresh, ideas, they’ll be stuck in the same creative rut as Marvel.


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