Grant Morrison On Green Lantern

News out at San Diego Comic Con that Grant Morrison’s going to be taking over/relaunching Green Lantern. The news item has a bunch of pages by artist Liam Sharp and while the art looks good, it raises a couple of questions.

This really looks like a new origin – that Green Lantern handing over his power battery to Hal sure isn’t  the Abin Sur we’re all used to, and I wonder how that’s going to impact the story. DC is still (mostly) enjoying the success of the Rebirth initiative and this seems to fly in the face of it.

Morrison writing GL doesn’t particularly excite me – I’ve never been a massive fan of his stuff, nor have I hated it. I’ve said before now he’s great at the big ideas side of things but often doesn’t finish them well; Final Crisis is, to me, a good example of that, where it started out with a clear cut story about the death of a New God and the triumph of Darkseid and then spun out to include some evil Monitor vampire thing.

I’ll be giving this new title a go regardless as I’ll read pretty much anything in the GL family and will see what happens.

Heroes In Crisis

News broke about the next big DC event, Heroes in Crisis by Tom King, dealing with heroes in “a sort of trauma center where [they] can go when things get overwhelming” called Sanctuary.

There’s more to it than that, of course, as it includes a murder mystery and is “also about what happens when Sanctuary fails, resulting in catastrophic consequences for the DCU

The cover doesn’t give much away, although that might be the Medusa Mask of the Psycho-Pirate that Superman’s holding, along with the figures in white who also appear to be wearing the same style mask, but among the many characters in the crowd, I noticed Power Girl, just behind Hal Jordan’s head. That’s more evidence that that the original PG’s coming back.

I’ll be picking this up, though it sounds more akin to Identity Crisis than any of the other Crisis events, and we all know what a bundle of laughs that turned out to be. My only real knowledge of Tom King is the much acclaimed Omega Men miniseries from a few years ago; while it was good, I disliked the abrupt change in Kyle Rayner as King suddenly made him a devout Catholic, something that was never mentioned before and hasn’t appeared since.

Still, I guess we wait and see.

From Hell In Colour

Well here’s news about something that I don’t know if I want or not: From Hell, the massive, wonderfully dark and rich retelling of the Jack The Ripper murders that worked so, so well in black and white . . . is being colourised by the artist, Eddie Campbell.

The strangest thing about it is that, apparently, Alan Moore’s up for it:

Campbell says he’s still friendly with Alan Moore and convinced him that it was a god [sic] idea to do the new version.

Like the original, it’ll be released in individual issues and will start appearing in September. Unlike the original, because it’s already written and drawn, it shouldn’t take 400 years to be completed.

I’m really unsure as to how I feel about this – the original series does work brilliantly in black and white but at least it’s Campbell who’s adding the colour. If anyone’s going to know how it should look, I’d guess it’s the guy who drew the thing in the first place.

But, of course, these things take time, so all I’ll say is: Mr Campbell, if you need a hand colouring it in . . .


I’m here for you, man . . .

New Justice League Titles

In recent news, Scott Snyder will be taking over Justice League and starting up a whole bunch of different titles. From the article:

Justice League: No Justice will be written by Scott Snyder, Josh Williamson, and James Tynion IV with art from Frances Manapul, and will run weekly in May. In No Justice, Brainiac arrives on Earth with a warning for DC’s heroes about an impending threat that can only be stopped if the Justice League joins forces with some of DC’s worst villains.

Who’s teaming with whom? Here’s some concept art from Frances Manapul to answer that very question:

I’m calling this team JLAliens (which is completely a call back to the Justice Leagues mini event from 2001) and while it’s nice to see Martian Manhunter back with the League . . . Starro? Really?!

JLMagic (or maybe JLDark again?) with what looks to be Raven on the left, though I may be mistaken.

JLMoney (because they’re all wealthy – wasn’t Changeling/Beast Boy the adopted son of Steve Dayton at some point?). As I don’t keep up with the Superman titles, I hadn’t realised Luthor was still wearing the S-shield.

JLScience? JLNerds? And I guess they had to shoehorn Harley Quinn in there somewhere.

First impression – 5 women out of team of 20? That’s not a brilliant score, is it? Why not Batgirl instead of Robin? Scandal Savage instead of Deathstroke? Soranik Natu instead of Sinestro? Literally any female character instead of Starro?

Second impression – no Green Lantern or Aquaman? Are they not in the League any longer?

Third impression – the uniforms. Because that worked out so well the last time the League went in for that look:

Just saying . . .

Reservations aside, I will, of course, be buying these, as I’m a sucker for the Justice League.

Which is why I own a complete run of Justice League Task Force.