Should Have Known Better

Been quiet here the last few days (apart from the scheduled Mash-Ups) due to a power outage on my PC last weekend.

There I was, happily typing away when pop! The monitor went dead and the PC just died. Pressed buttons, swapped cables, changed sockets, did all the things I could think of before starting to wail and gnash my teeth.

Thankfully, Mrs Earth-Prime found a local repair man who was able to come out, diagnose the problem as the power adaptor inside the PC, and – once I’d bought one from Amazon – came round a couple of days later and fitted it.

It’s at that point that I realised – despite working in an IT related profession – that I didn’t have anything near a recent back-up of all my files. All my nerdy financial spreadsheets; all the scanned covers for my comics database; all the mash-ups that I’ve done months in advance . . .

If I hadn’t been able to get back in, there was a chance that some or all of that would be lost.

Regular back-ups are now on the cards for me, my friends, let me tell you.

Am away for a few days celebrating Mrs Earth-Prime’s birthday so back to normal from the weekend onwards.

(And yes, that’s another little gif I’ve done!)