Should Have Known Better

Been quiet here the last few days (apart from the scheduled Mash-Ups) due to a power outage on my PC last weekend.

There I was, happily typing away when pop! The monitor went dead and the PC just died. Pressed buttons, swapped cables, changed sockets, did all the things I could think of before starting to wail and gnash my teeth.

Thankfully, Mrs Earth-Prime found a local repair man who was able to come out, diagnose the problem as the power adaptor inside the PC, and – once I’d bought one from Amazon – came round a couple of days later and fitted it.

It’s at that point that I realised – despite working in an IT related profession – that I didn’t have anything near a recent back-up of all my files. All my nerdy financial spreadsheets; all the scanned covers for my comics database; all the mash-ups that I’ve done months in advance . . .

If I hadn’t been able to get back in, there was a chance that some or all of that would be lost.

Regular back-ups are now on the cards for me, my friends, let me tell you.

Am away for a few days celebrating Mrs Earth-Prime’s birthday so back to normal from the weekend onwards.

(And yes, that’s another little gif I’ve done!)

3 thoughts on “Should Have Known Better

  1. I feel your pain my brother. I’ve been on the end of that myself a time or two, and trust me, you learn to back your shit up really quick after that. Hope it didn’t put you too far behind, but I’m sure it’s still frustrating all that work and references just….gone.
    Btw, give the missus my warmest Birthday regards. Hope her special day is special for all the right reasons.


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