3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #215 Green Lantern vs Tom Strong

  1. Wow, nice cover. Never saw a giant purple Hal before, but here he are. What was the original cover?
    Poor Alan Moore. I don’t think DC ever gets tired of shitting on him. Of coure now that Dildo’s not in charge anymore I’m hoping that policy dies a quick death.


    1. Hal comes from Green Lantern #61 from 1968.

      DC definitely treated him poorly (along with a bunch of other creators over the years) and I agree that things like creator rights need to change in both DC and Marvel, but Moore has made something of a career of being a martyr.

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      1. Only because DC keeps fucking with him. Constantly. No wonder he’s so fucking bitter. I would be too if a company you did work for continued to profit off your work, for YEARS, and you didn’t get shit out of it.


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