It’s Not Looking Good, Is It?

I try and keep this blog/website limited to comics and films and maybe a bit of related other stuff, but mostly it’s lighthearted (I hope) and none too serious. Hell, it’s about men and women with superpowers who fly around wearing skin tight clothing – let’s not be too serious, eh?

That said, you can’t ignore the fact that things are different than they were even a month ago – the COVID-19 outbreak is literally changing the way the world runs right now. And that’s kinda scary.

I have just begun a mandated period of working from home and we expect Mrs Earth-Prime to be doing the same shortly, all in an attempt to #FlattenTheCurve.

Gatherings among friends – I was meant to be going out and getting riotously drunk on Friday – and gigs have been cancelled; our local cinema that we usually visit two or three times a month has closed until further notice.

Life is currently different and more than a little worrying, partly because there’s no end in sight at the moment, but we will grin and bear it and do what we can, I guess.

I hope everyone who reads this is fine and keeping them and their loved ones safe.

Normal comic related posts will resume shortly.

One thought on “It’s Not Looking Good, Is It?

  1. All you can do take it day by day man. I’m doing the same, since it’s all you can really do. Just be smart, be safe, and do what you can as far as taking precautions, only going out when you need, and go from there. There’s no telling how long this will last. Probably for the rest of the year depending on how soon a vaccine is made available. Again, we take it day by day and go from there. Hang in there mate. It won’t last forever, just for now.


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