100 Issues Ago March 2012

I came across this “100 Issues Ago” panel in an old JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and thought I’d tidy it up and re-purpose it. If one month = one issue, what was I reading 100 Issues Ago?

Looking back at month seven of the New 52 and, for me at least, this is where the cracks really started to show. The line-wide relaunch was a bold move and some good – like ALL-STAR WESTERN above – came out of it, but now, as most of the series eased into their second arcs, things weren’t looking so hot.

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL and CAPTAIN ATOM hadn’t really started on a firm footing and were now floundering, though not as much as FURY OF FIRESTORM where Gail Simone had jumped ship. STORMWATCH and BLUE BEETLE were changing course as well, and even MISTER TERRIFIC, with the reintroduction of Karen Starr aka Power Girl and the hints of a forthcoming Earth-2, couldn’t save things.

GREEN LANTERN titles, steered by Geoff Johns, were doing okay, and FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF SHADE was still a delight, but the gloss was wearing off six months in to the New 52.

Outside of DC, we had THE BOYS which was coming to the end of the penultimate storyline, and FATALE which was ticking along nicely.

Mash-Up #256 The Champions of Angor vs Supergirl

I think my first introduction to the Angor characters was in the Giffen/DeMatteis JUSTICE LEAGUE run where Silver Sorceress and Blue Jay eventually joined the team. Not being a massive Marvel fan, I had no idea at the time they were parodies of the Avengers and had been around for years by that point.