Mash-Up #274 Green Lantern vs Lady Death

While I didn’t choose these figures for this reason (remember, I just work with random dates and covers) looking at this pairing now, it seems to highlight two different approaches to the appearance of female characters. One is in an all-covering outfit that is practical and functional . . . and the other is in a bikini.

Oh, comics . . .

2 thoughts on “Mash-Up #274 Green Lantern vs Lady Death

  1. Nice mash-up cover. One minor nitpick; the logos for both are too obscured. I’d have resized the GL one and kept it where it was but moved the Lady Death logo under Jessica. But that’s just me.

    Yeah Women in comics have come a loooooong way in how they’re dressed compared to how they were in the 90’s. I’ll gladly take whatever progression they can get in a male-dominated industry.


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