2 thoughts on “Mash-Up #297 Darkstar vs Justice Society of America

  1. Poor bastards! The Star-Spangled Kid and Hawkman were hit so hard they got pushed off the cover and into an endless void. I don’t blame them being confused about Donna though. It certainly was jarring seeing her a Darkstar too. Same for John Stewart.


    1. I always liked Donna as a Darkstar – after the balls up with her origin (she’s Wonder Woman as a young girl! She’s Wonder Woman’s sister! She’s an orphan found off Paradise Island! She’s an actual Titan of Myth! She’s some sort of multiversal version of Harbinger! She’s… errr… no, I got nothing…) it was nice for her to be a straightforward hero with a straightforward story. Of course, that didn’t stick.


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