3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #301 Adam Strange vs Scarlet Witch

  1. LEGIT could’ve happened. Definitely a true old-school cover and plot if I ever saw one. Still, Alanna’s faring better here than she is with Tom King writing that monthly Adam Strange sludge piece.
    Brrrrr. Two words: Character Assassination.


    1. After the terrible HEROES IN CRISIS issues I read, I’m not touching anything by Tom King, especially when it was advertised as “changing the character” or whatever. Nope, not interested.

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      1. I was curious how bad it could, but stopped reading w/ #4. It’s just not even fun to read out of morbid curiosity. It’s just…bad. Published fanfiction I call it. Used to work for the CIA, but he wastes his time and ours writing comic books, and badly at that.


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