5 thoughts on “Mash-Up #305 Superman and Supreme

  1. I don’t believe so no, and that’s probably for the best. The Liefield version of Supreme was an insufferable asshole. The Alan Moore version while much, much better, was just an excuse to write fanfic Silver Age Superman stories under the Supreme title.


      1. Which makes it hard to figure it for me, was he just being lazy and do the overly obvious SA Superman stories to amuse himself or was he intentionally writing stories that were effectively counter-culture to the typical late 90’s Image comics scene back then? Maybe both.


      2. Idk about that. Sure not MOST of the time no, but on a rare occasion or two perhaps? I know Len Wein famously didn’t care for the ending of the Watchmen because he thought it seemed to similar to the ending of an episode of the Outer Limits with the whole fake alien death monster thing. Of course that’s his opinion and all, but still. Ok, I’ll concede he was not so much being lazy as it was he wasn’t working super hard to be creative when turning Supreme into Silver Age Superman fanfiction.


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